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Pratt Miller Hunger Games 2022

Hunger in America is a constant issue throughout the year, but the summer months can be particularly challenging for families who rely on school food programs for help. To fill the gap, it’s local food banks who step in and become an important source of support to millions of American families.

For the past six years, Oshkosh Defense has been supporting local food banks by way of a fantastic event they’ve home grown called HUNGER GAMES.

2022 marks Pratt Miller’s second year competing. Last year, our small and mighty Huntersville Team ran neck and neck against behemoth Oshkosh until the very end of the competition, only to finish honorably in second place in the final hours. Last year, the winning teams donated over 100+ pounds of food per team member

But it’s a new year and Pratt Miller will join as one unified team who are IN IT TO WIN IT.  In the spirit of our three favorite things: helping others, competing, and winning, Pratt Miller will go toe-to-toe against big brother, Oshkosh Defense, to raise food and money for Michigan and North Carolina food pantries.

Every $1 donated equates to 3 meals.  Gleaners has experienced a 40% increase in visitors across all locations in their network since the beginning of this year.

This years competition runs July 11th thru the 29th.  Early Bird Fundraising” earns the Pratt Miller team double points before July 1st.

Thank you for making a donation today!

Pratt Miller Hunger Games 2022
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